The Keys To Improving Your Pallet Racking

By: Larry Rausch – Vice President – CBF Industries

This post is intended to provide you with helpful tips on simple ways you and improve your pallet racking within your facility.  From making items easier to move to adding a mezzanine for extra storage without adding on to your building.  This is especially key for smaller warehouse operations.

If you have a small warehouse, you are probably always looking for creative ways to increase warehouse space – especially if you have a lot of products. Perhaps you are steadily growing, customer demands are increasing, or you are just simply running out of room. By improving your warehouse’s configuration, you can store more items while at the same time, enhancing your efficiencies. Read on to find out the top three ways to optimize storage in your small warehouse space.

Make Moving Items Easier with Vertical Lift Modules/Systems 

Vertical lifts help raise items to the top of your narrow aisle racks and warehouse mezzanine by safely transferring pallet loads that may not fit on a forklift. The benefits of a vertical lift for your small warehouse include reducing the chance that your items will get damaged and putting less strain on your workers (so they have less of a chance of getting injured). Vertical lifts can also be configured to meet your specific height, speed, and load requirements.

When you have a small warehouse, and you want to maximize its storage potential, you have to make the most of what you have. Each warehouse’s needs are different, and those needs can vary as your business grows. By implementing one or a combination of the storage solutions discussed above, not only will you increase your operational efficiencies, but you will also have the flexibility and space to adapt to any future changes.

Use Pallet Racking to Take Your Storage Out and Up

Pallet racks are designed to allow you to store your items in horizontal rows with multiple levels, for a variety of storage applications. There are various kinds of pallet racking systems, but the most useful ones for small warehouses are narrow aisle pallet racks. This system is an excellent choice for growing businesses that want to add storage space to their current warehouse (versus moving their entire operations to a larger location). They work by decreasing your aisle space so you can add in additional racks and make better use of both your roof height and floor area. Having less floor space available is also advantageous because it discourages your workers from leaving debris and empty pallets laying around (which can be a safety concern), and still allows room for machinery like fork trucks. By utilizing narrow aisle pallet racks in your warehouse, you’ll have access to each pallet and can configure them to meet your needs and requirements.

Build Mezzanine Racking Systems to Take Advantage of Your Vertical Space 

Having a mezzanine in your small warehouse helps to utilize your existing overhead space to its full potential. In addition to virtually doubling the amount of usable floor space, a mezzanine platform allows you the ability to increase your production and gives your employees more area to work. Adding a mezzanine workers platform is one of the best ways to improve your warehouse storage without the cost of a building expansion.


Simple steps can be taken to maximize the space for storage in your warehouse.  From building mezzanines to making items easier to move.  These warehouse strategies can increase your efficiencies and reduce your overall storage costs.

We hope this post provided you helpful information as it relates to improving your pallet racking strategies. To speak with one of our technical experts, please call 1-216-229-9300. And thank you for reading our post.


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