Rolling Warehouse Stairs

Safety Yellow Rolling Ladder

Rolling Warehouse Stairs - Safety Yellow Rolling Ladder

Safety Yellow Rolling Ladder w.platform

Rolling Warehouse Stairs - Yellow Rolling Ladder with Platform

#1 Rolling Warehouse Stairs Supplier

In warehouses, one of the key obstacles workers faces is safely collecting product from tall storage shelving and transporting them to a designated area. This challenge is often solved using rolling warehouse stairs. As the #1 rolling warehouse stair supplier, CBF Industries has the perfect rolling stairs that will guarantee a safe working environment while keeping workflow running smoothly.

CBF has been supplying rolling warehouse ladders to a variety of industries including retail, stocking, warehouses, manufacturing, and offices. The models available have a range from 6 to 15 steps and a weight capacity of 450 pounds or greater.

Rolling warehouse stairs are incredibly mobile and can be deposited wherever they are needed in the warehouse. All of its wheels have step lock capabilities which locks the stairs into position once they’ve been settled. The OSHA safety yellow signals potential hazards to physical safety. The steps themselves are perforated with grip strut treads to prevent workers from slipping when stairs are in use.

The rolling warehouse stairs offered by CBF Industries are OSHA and ANSI compliant.

Two examples of our rolling warehouse stairs are depicted here.

The safety yellow rolling stairs is constructed using the dimensions of 1-1/16” tubular steel rails, 1” x 2” reinforced back and bottom frame, and 8.5” deep steps with a 10” deep 1st step. The stairs rest at a safety angel of 50° accompanied with a 17” deep top platform.

The safety yellow rolling stairs with a platform showcases a 5-step ladder. The top of the ladder flattens to create a 24” wide step and platform for individuals to perch and investigate certain heights. Alongside having all the expected features of rolling warehouse stairs, the rolling stairs can also come in a 9-step variation as well.

As a leading supplier of rolling warehouse stairs, CBF has the selection to find the right product for you. If you are interested in learning more about rolling warehouse stairs, call us at (216) 229-9300, request a quote, or contact us online.

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