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#1 Industrial Pallet Jack Distributor

As the #1 industrial pallet jack distributer, CBF Industries carries an expansive stock from which you can find the best model and the best pricing to satisfy your needs. Our industrial pallet jacks are powered with hydraulic technology meaning they can travel far distances in limited time. Along with time, these pallet jacks have the capability to maneuver compact spaces, easy to operate, all the while carrying substantial loads.

We offer two styles of industrial pallet jacks
CBF’s manually operated pallet jack option is used in moving one or more palettes of product. Its sturdiness is the product of welded joints and reinforced fork tips. This pallet jack is also known for its 3 Position hand control (raise, lower, neutral) and runs on a leakproof hydraulic system. Constructed from lightweight steel, there are various versions of the pallet jack to suit your needs including light duty, heavy duty, narrow, low profile and transverse models.

CBF also supplies pallet jack scissor lifts, which offer the unique feature of lifting open-bottom pallets to the desired height The electrical pump makes lifting seamless for an operator. When materials are lifted, the pallet jack scissor lift releases support legs to stabilize the added weight. As a motorized system, the pallet jack scissor lift is an entirely safe and stable mode of transportation.

If you are interested in learning more about industrial pallet jacks, CBF is the right place. For help in determining the best pallet jack for your needs, give the #1 industrial pallet jack distributer a call at (216) 229-9300, request a quote, or contact us online.

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