Welded Wire Cage

#1 Welded Wire Cage Distributer

CBF Industries specializes in supplying handling materials and storage equipment, including design and installation. Our products, such as our welded wire cage, are not only high quality, but ship fast at competitive prices.

Constructed using 8 gauge wire panels, the welded wire cage is convenient to manage, and the frameless panels allow for effortless alterations. Wire panels are available in either 8 or 10 foot height. The width of each individual panel comes in a range between 1 and 8 foot increments. If there is a gap less than 1 foot, CBF offers a fill-a-gap option to create a closed circuit.

There’s a variety of door selections to suit the needs of your workplace while maintaining safety. One option includes swing doors, which are available in both singles and doubles. This style is optimal if you value a cost effective, yet durable, option. The other door option for the welded wire cage is a sliding door. CBF offers three different sliding door models including a slide door, a trackless slide door, which is optimal for passing traffic regarding mid-sized equipment, as well as double slide door for bigger machinery.

One of the notable features of the welded wire cage is the limitless ways it can be configured. You can construct wire caging with two sides in a fixed corner, three sides with a shared wall as the fourth, as well as full four-sided wall configuration either with or without the addition of a ceiling.

This level of customization also carries down into the smaller details such as shelving, posts, and latches. CBF presents a slide down as well as drop down option for customers looking for shelving in their welded wire cages. There are also three post options, line, corner, and 3-way, all formed with 2½” x 2½” 16-gauge tube with a 3/8” baseplate.

In terms of latches and locks, CBF provides a multitude of choices like:

  • Slide Door Lock
  • Swing Door Lock
  • Mechanical Lock
  • Proximity Reader
  • ADA Door Handle
  • Door Closer
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Push Bar
  • Electric Strike
  • Best Cylinder

Looking to begin constructing a welded wire cage? Start the process now through CBF. For help in placing your welded wire cage order, call (216) 229-9300, request a quote, or contact us online to learn how CBF Industries can solve your storage requirements.