EZ Wire® Partition System

EZ Wire Partition System Supplier

CBF Industries is a proud supplier of EZ wire® partition systems. With an installation rate that is four times faster than competitors’ systems, an entirely customizable build, and a 48-hour shipping guarantee, our EZ wire® partition system is the premier option for any need with nay deadline.

EZ wire® partition systems are an excellent means of ensuring safety and security in a variety of work arenas including storage centers, machine security, product safety, areas needing restricted access, protecting delicate objects, and managing the flow of employees and customers to plant floors.

Since the partition system is made from wire, it can be taken down, set-up, or expanded around sites as needed, making it a versatile and cost-effective addition. Stock panels are available in sizes ranging from 1-10 ft in width and 1-5 ft in height.

Special Features

  • 1-1/2” diamond wire weaving comes with every EZ wire® partition system.
  • The patented hook provides a more secure locking system than traditional bolted connections. The hook latches into place with ease, creating a snug secure lock that’s reinforced by the diamond wire weaving.
  • Our system comes fit with clinched wires, rather than welded wires, to bolster support. Clinched wires also allow the system a wide range of mobility and potential expansion.
  • 14 gauge 2-1/2” tubular posts have a square build that amplifies the support base for the wire partitioning.
  • Ceiling panels can be fasted with self-threading screws upon request.
  • Corner posts are installed to form fluid 90º turns in the system. The other notable feature about these corner posts is their unique security-minded interior attachments.
  • “C” type frame bars eliminate weld sights since they are formed with hook fasteners from the inside. The interior fastening system heightens security without fear of outside forces tampering or crashing into the system.
  • Over channel settles the upper and lower panels together without horizontal bolting, creating a vertical wall of security.

The EZ wire® partition system’s versatility expands beyond its easy installation and is entirely customizable down to the smallest details.

One aspect of this partition system’s expansive customization is window selection including slide up windows and drop shelf windows.

Slide up windows are assembled to form a 24” wide x 21” high opening with a wire mesh that can slide down over the gap when necessary. It is attached using bolts and comes equipped with a 24” wide x 12” deep steel shelf.

Drop shelf windows swing a flat opaque steel sheet upward with a closure hinge at the bottom of the pane. The window opening measures to 24” wide x 15” high and latches at the top for secure closure.

Our EZ wire® partition system also comes with various possible door alternatives.

  • Single swing doors come in either 3 or 4 foot widths and a standard height of 7 feet.
  • Double swing doors are available in widths of 6, 8, and 10 feet with varying heights of 7, 8, 9, and 10 feet.
  • Hinged dutch doors arrive in 3 or 4 foot widths with a height of 7 feet. This unique choice has separate hinges for the top and bottom halves, allowing for the top or bottom portion to open and close separately. These halves can also latch together to function as a single door.
  • Single sliding doors can match the full height of the wire walls. Please note that if doors are 6 feet or wider, they are shipped in a “knocked down state.”
  • Double sliding doors can offer matched door height up to 10 feet and can fulfill a width between 6-10 feet.

Swing doors can swing in or out as well as be installed on the left or right, fitting any specification a customer requires in an EZ wire® partition system. In the case that the surrounding walls of the wiring system are higher than the selected doors, a transom panel is included to offer continuous protection to potential holes or gaps.

Sliding doors come with select key features like an overhead bracket to secure the overhead track, a 4-wheel trolley to stabilize the sliding motion, as well as a door guide to safeguard track alignment.

The EZ wire® partition system presents several lock options, including:

  • Standard Door Lock
  • Best Cylinder Lock
  • Thumbturn Cylinder Lock
  • Mechanical Pushbutton Lockset
  • Outside Key Control paired with a Push Bar Exit Device
  • 1031ADA Double Lever Handle Lock for Hinged Doors
  • 1031ADA-D Double Lever Handle Lock for Hinged Doors
  • Electric Strike for hinged doors in 2” square tube posts
  • Electromagnetic Lockset for slide doors

If you are interested in acquiring an EZ wire® partition system, CBF offer a host of options for customization. As a leading supplier, CBF can secure your order’s delivery within 48 hours at competitive prices. For help in placing your EZ wire® partition system, call (216) 229-9300, request a quote, or contact us online to learn how CBF Industries can solve your storage requirements.