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Industrial hand trucks are just one of the wide varieties of handling materials supplied by CBF Industries. This product stands at a height ranging from 39-63 inches with a width ranging from 14-24 inches. Designed with tubular welded construction, our industrial hand truck can reduce the stress on a worker’s arms when mobilizing heavy weights. The industrial hand truck functions by balancing material on the axle. Provided grips allot easy maneuverability for operators.

The industrial hand truck gives you the versatility to push, pull, or lift. Built-in glides help you to ease the load up and down stairs or over curbs, and its high strength base plate with machine-beveled edge is designed to slide under the load easily.

Hand trucks are an effective tool for a multitude of industries including moving, foodservice, retail, industrial companies, airports, and any industry that requires heavy moving. Whether you’re moving equipment, products, or appliances, industrial hand trucks offer a safe, while simultaneously effective, strategy for transporting large loads with the potential for hazard.

As an industrial hand truck wholesaler, CBF industries provides a wide selection of hand trucks to suit your transit needs. CBF supplies many industrial hand truck derivatives, from heavy duty style, to gas cylinder, and even Wesco 5-gallon pail hand cart configurations. As a consumer, you can also decide between full pneumatic and semi-pneumatic wheels. When you to look to a supplier for your materials handlings, like an industrial hand truck, or other storage equipment, you can trust CBF as your one stop shop.

Interested in ordering an industrial hand truck, a Wesco 5-gallon pail hand cart, or another choice from our wide selection? Give us a call at (216) 229-9300, request a quote, or contact us online.

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