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Mesh Back Chairs

Mesh Back Chairs - Wholesale Office Furniture

Solid Back Chairs

Solid Back Chairs - Wholesale Office Furniture

Desk - Single Side Drawers

Single Side Drawer Desk - Wholesale Office Furniture

Desk -Double Side Drawers

Double Side Drawer Desk - Wholesale Office Furniture

Desk - Double Side Drawers - Wood Style

Wood Style Double Side Drawer Desk - Wholesale Office Furniture

Fire Resistant Security Safe

Fire Resistant Security Safe - Wholesale Office Furniture

Depository Safe

Depository Safe - Wholesale Office Furniture

Rectangular Foldable Table

Rectangle Foldable Table - Wholesale Office Furniture

Multi Shelf Storage Cabinet

Multi Shelf Storage Cabinet - Wholesale Office Furniture

The right office furnishings have the power to create a productive and dynamic work environment, whether it’s a chair for a plant office or a teacher’s desk. As a wholesale office furniture supplier, CBF Industries has everything you need to outfit the perfect office atmosphere at competitive prices.

Stylish and comfortable desk chairs

At CBF, we offer mesh and solid black desk chairs. Both styles come with a five-leg swivel base, allowing an employee to glide effortlessly around desk space or the office. The black coloration gives these desk chairs a sleek stylish look. The tall, gently arched, rectangular back emphasizes its design while allotting comfort to the employee. Comfort is maximized by the adjustable features for height on the base pole as well as adjustable arms to conform to the preferences of those seated.

When considering what wholesale office furniture to select, it’s important to note products’ differentiating features.

Mesh desk chairs are known for providing good air circulation without overheating an employee as they work throughout the day. They are often considered an excellent choice since they are lightweight, easy to maintain, and cost-effective.

Solid desk chairs make a very nice presence in an office that often welcomes clients in-house since they are very distinct. Solid desk chairs are known for their durability and easy maintenance.

The right office desk

When purchasing office furniture, the right office desk depends on a combination of the right storage space and the right style to make an employee feel ready for the workday. As a wholesale office furniture supplier, CBF offers multiple desk variations, including desks with single-side drawers, and double side drawers, which comes in a wood style.

Foster security with the addition of an office safe

As a business, you have a plethora of important documents such as legal terms, contracts, insurance papers, and financial documents that can’t simply be left around the office. So, how can you ensure these documents stay protected and intact? CBF has the answer with an addition of an office safe. Since we are wholesale office furniture supplier, we supply full size fire-resistant security safes to fit all important documents and prevent them from damage should a disaster occur.

Additional office essentials

Beyond these staple wholesale office furniture pieces, CBF also offers extra additions to make the office even more efficient and flexible.

When equipped with rectangular foldable tables, an office increases its degree of flexibility in both design and purpose. Paired with the ability to fold and roll, these rectangular tables allow an office to create temporary workspace for any occasion while making for an easy removal or adjustment as needed.

Are you looking for more storage? Look no further, CBF has you covered. As a leading supplier in wholesale office furniture, we provide multi shelf storage cabinets at competitive pricing. This multi shelf storage cabinet offers substantial shelving and space for your office needs while taking up minimal space.

If you are looking to outfit your office space, as a wholesale office furniture provider, CBF has what you need. For help in determining the best pieces for your office, give us a call at (216) 229-9300, request a quote, or contact us online.

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