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CBF Industries’ stak-n-store-bins serve as excellent accessories for a variety of storing and shelving projects. Manufactured in the United States, these stak-n-store-bins are constructed using heavy duty plastic, giving it a durable build for holding a range of materials up to a weight capacity of 75 lbs. per bin. Other beneficial properties about the plastic material includes its resistance to corrosion, commonly seen in metals, and its immunity to weak acids and alkalis.

Some common materials customers use these accessories for include pharmaceuticals, aerospace, food industry, electronics, automotive, appliances, and apparel. Stak-n-store bins are also well suited for household uses like garage storage, recycling, and garden supplies and so much more.

Our stak-n-store bins are built for storage efficiency and ease. Designed with a rectangular base, built-in handles, and long rib-reinforced slender walls, these bins were built to hold a high volume of material and nest it in convenient spaces to maximize storage. The other unique feature about this accessory is its stacking ability. The top lining of each bin is suited for either the addition of a lid or the stacking another box, making storage combinations endlessly creative. The wide opening at the front of each stak-n-store bin grants easy access to its contents, making it a premier choice for storing items used at a high frequency.

Stak-n-store-bins come in a range of dimensions and colors to best suit your storage needs.

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