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Standard Metal Lockers from One of the Premier Suppliers in the Midwest
CBF Industries is a leading supplier of standard metal lockers in the region, providing full-service design and installation. Our attention to detail, rapid response, and quick-ship service keep our clients coming back order after order. General specifications are provided below. Click on each locker type for additional details.

25 Colors
Choose from a wide variety of neutral or bold colors. With interior designs using endless color palettes, we have a standard metal locker design and color that should match your style!

5-Knuckle Hinge
We know standard metal lockers take a lickin’. And we know you don’t want to have to constantly repair or replace your lockers. Our sturdy, full loop 2”-high, 5-knuckle hinge, nested in the door slot, is welded to the frame and double-riveted to the door. That’s strength and durability you can rely on. It’s so strong, the strength is superior to a continuous piano hinge.

Knocked Down
Knocked-down (KD) construction offers flexibility since individual standard metal locker parts are shipped to the destination and field-assembled. In the event of a change in site conditions, locker configuration is effortlessly altered.

Welded, Pre-assembled, and Ready to Install
Our welded standard metal lockers are shipped pre-assembled and ready to install.

Better and Best Gauge Metal Options
Gauge designates the thickness of the material (steel) used to fabricate the standard metal locker. Like a golf score, the lower, the better. Choose 24 gauge for economy or 16 gauge for additional durability.

Custom Ventilation Available
If you need ventilation options that aren’t shown on our website, don’t hesitate to ask! We can customize ventilation on any of the metal lockers we offer.

Three-Point Latch
A double-channel lock bar concealed within the locker door engages heavy gauge frame hooks on the frame/body at three distinct points for maximum security. Alternatively, if security is not a major concern in your environment, then a Single Point Latch is also available.

ADA Options
ADA compliance is also available for our metal locker lineup — they meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act for accessibility and usability.

If you’re seeking a standard metal locker supplier with a vast inventory of options, call CBF at (216) 877-8480, request a quote, or contact us online.

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